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Welcome to SwingDates!Free to Join and Use dating site for adults over the age of 18. No upper age limit.

Dashboard The GDPR is explained. Tells you about the information we hold about your account. One can download the information we hold or ask us to delete the information we hold.

Members A list of all our members, online members, search members, members Birthdays.

Swipe L or R Here one can like, dislike or superlike other users. Only profiles with facial photos are displayed here.

SChat This is a group chat area. Users can join and chat with other users as a group.

Photos Users can upload their photos to public and private areas. Photos stored in Private areas are only accessible with owners permission.

Videos Users can only embed videos for others to share at the moment. Soon users will be able to upload their own videos. We have started working on that.

Hot or Not Users can rate uploaded photos. Give 1 to 5 stars and coment on them.

Events where one can post an event and invite other users to join.

Forum where one can post a question and get answers from other users or answer questions posted.

Groups Users can create their own groups and invite other users to join.

Blogs Users can write about anything and start their own blogging channel

one 2 one chat where one can chat 1 to 1 with other users.

We now support iola for mobile. You can download iola for Android/IOs from their mobile App store. Login with your SwingDates credentials and enter our URL https://swingdates.co.uk and chat away.


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